Hi, my name is Steve Scott! I grew up in Louisiana where my family ran one of the largest and oldest fence companies in the south: Scott Fence USA. I grew up around the fence industry and come from a long tradition of excellence in fencing. When I moved on from the family fence company–all the way to Rockies!– I worked for one of the most refined and systemized fence companies in the industry. 

I knew that I wanted my own fence company, and I knew it would need to be different. I started Arcadia Fencing in 2000 with this in mind. I knew my business had to be different in three ways. 

  1. It should be a company that cares more about people than it does about business. 
  2. I wanted to take everything that I had learned over a lifetime of fencing and use it to produce the highest quality products on the East Coast. 
  3. I knew that I needed a team of passionate, talented, and dedicated experts. 

I’m pleased to say that we’ve accomplished all three goals. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers over the past 15+ years. Contact us today. I’m sure you’ll agree that Arcadia Fencing is second to none.